'The Power of the Mind' N.L.P Workshop

The Power of the Mind N.L.P. Workshop | Karen Claridge | Coaching for Success Perth


This Workshop explore the basics principles of N.L.P which give students a powerful set of skills and ways of thinking to develop the art of 'self-mastery'. It is usually run in a four hour block and the primary focus is to examine the fundemental aspects of self-mastery which includes the following key areas:-

  • Understand how we all filter information differently and why this is important to know

  • Learn how to connect and build deep rapport with others

  • Learn how to move from 'limiting thoughts' to 'empowering beliefs'

  • How to lead a 'Value-driven' life.

  • Learn how to 'respond' rather than 'react'

(Workbooks and notes are included)

Watch the video below of the actress Anneliese Apps discussing the power of N.L.P


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