Rebecca Kinsella
'Thank you for the wonderful session of 'The Success FACTOR' with our year 12's today!  I'm sure they will take away so much from your presentation and we look forward to having you back again soon.'
Rebecca Kinsella, Head of Year 12 | Santa Maria College

Andrew Lewis
'Karen's Edge FACTOR Presentation had a tremendous response from my third year students! I was impressed with how they were able to bring their best selves to rehersals and performances very soon afterwards. I would high recommend Karen Claridge to any school or college'.
Andrew Lewis, Associate Head | WAAPA

Oliver Beath
"Karen is an absolute bundle of energy! Her enthusiastic nature and passion to support young people to be as successful as they can be and to reach their potential is infectious. You can't help but be swept up in what Karen is teaching.

The Success Factor is a fun and fast-paced interactive presentation that helps prepare students for Year 11 and 12 as well as their future beyond the school years. The students feed off her energy and love the way she presents this interesting and engaging material."

Oliver Beath, Head of year 11/12 2019 | All Saints College

Stephen Roberts
'The Edge FACTOR' process had a significant impact on our performing art students. The techniques they learnt in her presentations and workshops have significantly improved and enhanced their performance. In a word, Karen has been a revelation! 
Stephen Roberts, Head of Performing Arts | The Hot House Company/All Saints College

J Radda
'The Edge FACTOR Workshop was one of the most inspiring, motivating and enlightening things I've done at WAAPA. It gave me the tools to achieve 'happiness' every day and has pave the way for an exciting path for me'. 
J Radda, Graduate of Musical Theatre | WAAPA

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