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Year 12 is renowned for being one of the most stressful times in a student's life. This 'stress' can also have on impact parents, who experience an enormous pressure to do what they can to get their son or daughter through the 'challenges' of thier final year at high school.

In my role as a Student Coach (and as a parent to two 17 and 19 teenage boys), I see first-hand just how the pressure of exams, extensive study and the requirement to make important decisions about their future, can take it's toil on a student's morale, motivation and mental and emotional well-being.

With this in mind, I have designed a unique program to help students successfully navigate the potential 'challenges' of year 12 and graduate high school feeling proud of what they've achieved and be genuinely excited about their future.

'The Successd in Year 12' Coaching Program is designed to help students stay focused and 'on-track', take charge of their motivation levels and be confident in their own abilities so they have the best chance of 'success' in their final year of school.

 This Program helps student achieve these outcomes by including key areas such as:

  •   Identification of their 'learning style' to be more effective with study

  •   Learn how to be in the best head-space for exams

  •   Know how to build inner-confidence

  •   Learn how to overcome nerves and anxiety

  •   Understand how to achieve personal goals

  •   Gain invaluable insights into their 'drivers' and 'motivators'

  •   Learn how to create a stand-out Resume for casual work

  •   Know how to land the best casual job for the holidays

  •   Determine potential pathways after school

Testimonial for a Year 12 graduate

"I used Karen's skills and techniques for my WACE exams to find focus and a clear mind which improved my memory recall and ability to critically think and problem solve under pressure. As a result, my marks improved to help me achieve full marks in my WACE practical exam for Drama and recieve the Subject Exhibition. I can't thank Karen enough for helping me achieve these goals that I hadn't previously believed were a possibility." MATT BRYAN ALL SAINTS COLLEGE 

How this Program Works

I meet with each student on a monthly basis so I can be there for them as a regular support and mentor.The 'Coaching for Success Program' is tailored to meet the needs of individual students and includes the *Student Pathway Profile Assessment.

Students have exclusive access to the world leading *Extended DISC Pathway Profiling Assessment.  This helps to determine their most suitable pathway most aligned to their natural talents, strengths and personal attributes once they have left high school. (With current figures showing one in three students drop out of their college course in the first year, this type of assessment in becoming absolutely essential).


For as little as $135.00 (including GST) for a monthly one hour appointment,  students will receive all the above benefits from the   'Success in Year 12' Coaching Program.

*The Student Pathway Profile Assessment is at an additional one-off payment of $325 (including GST)

If you are interested in exploring this Program for your son or daughter, please contact me for further details.


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