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get on the Right Track and Find Direction

Karen Claridge helps students get on the right track and find direction

'With one in three students dropping out out or changing their course in the first year of University or College, it's time we took a different approach.The employment market has dramically changed and for our sons and daughters to thrive, it is essential we help them find their most suitable pathway and lay the groundwork for their future success'.  K.Claridge

Life After High School

Taking the first steps after leaving school are often the most important ones of all. Yet these days, it is very common for students to choose the wrong pathway and consequently loose motivation, confidence and sense of 'self'.

Providing Guidance and the Right Tools to students

In this ever-changing employment market, it is critical students are equipped with the right tools and skills to navigate their way into meaningful careers. Helping students gain understanding about 'who they are', how they learn and what makes them 'tick', creates a strong platform from which they follow a pathway they are most suited to and motivated by.

Combining my Career Consulting and Life Skills coaching, I treat each student as a complete individual. Helping them to also effectively deal with issues such as exam/study anxiety and finding further ways to build confidence and self esteem, are part of guiding them in a direction most suited to them.

I take into account all aspects of a student's life, personality and aspirations before any decisions and recommendations are made. Finding out more about 'who they are' and 'what makes them tick' is often the missing piece of the jigsaw in the decision-making process with regards to pathways and career choices (see Extended DISC Profiling system for further information

The Value of a One-to-One Private Coaching Session

The benefits of working with each student on a one-to-one level allows them to truly focus on themselves without any distractions or feeling self-conscious and it gives them time and attention students rarely have with career advisors at school or college. Naturally, after their session students feel empowered with a new-found confidence and a positive outlook about their future.

'Get On-Track' Student Pathway Coaching Package (total cost $395)

What is included:-

  • A 30 minute consultation with parent or student via a phone or Skype call
  • Exclusive access to online *Extended Disc Profiling system
  • A comprehensive Student Profile Report
  • A Parent Support Pack
  • A 60 minute appointment to debrief report with student and parent
  • Identification of a student's primary learning style
  • A 60 minute follow-up coaching session to determine next steps
  • A summary report of the Profile and Pathway Recommendations
  • Unlimited email support and encouragement

(For additional coaching sessions or a one-off initial consultation is $120 for 60-minutes)

The 'On-Track Student Pathway Coaching' process and next steps

1.The student will be provided with an online questionnaire to answer. Once completed, the answers are analysed and processed and a comprehensive report is produced called 'The Extended DISC Profile Assessment'.

2. Once a student's report has been generated from this questionnaire, we organise a time for our first 60 minute appointment (face to face or via Skype) to debrief the assessment in detail.

3. A 60 minute follow-up consultation is then organised to determine pathways, career choices and next steps.

Please contact me for further information about this coaching package to find out how my approach helps student find clarity and direction.


"This really is a no brainer ... every parent with a teenager should do this.  It is without a doubt, one of the best things we could have done for our son. It gave him clarity, direction and a real boost to his self-esteem at a very important time after a difficult year 10."  D.Lake 'A very relieved parent!

"As a mum of 16 year old boy, I was looking for support to encourage my son on the right career path and guide him in successfully completing school and preparing for university. We had so many questions and decision to make regarding subject selections. Karen helped my son to identify his strengths and the skills he was more confident in. I'm grateful my son has more direction and focus so he can maximise his opportunities." S.Penaar parent year 11 student

"Thanks to Karen I've become more motivated to learn and confident in my education. The "tips and tricks" I've been shown have helped me become more focused while doing my school work and efficiently use my time to study effectively. I can't thank Karen enough for the help I've received because it's made my school life more rewarding and less stressful". C. Pienaar Year 11 student

'My son was really impressed with you Karen! The session gave us the hope and focus he needed which was fantastic! You not only helped him, but as a parent I got so much out of it too in terms of what I need to do. I wish every parent would come and see you. It was the 'break-though' we were looking for'. Parent of High School Graduate from All Saints College

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