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Consultation with student and parent
Private offices in Attadale | Private Student Coaching | Karen Claridge
My private offices situated in Attadale
Loving the work I do with students | Private Student Coaching | Karen Claridge
Love working with students 


I love working with students and parents in my private consultations. Helping prepare students for their future success is what my coaching style is all about. To give students the attention and focus they need is critical when it comes to making important decisions about their next steps. Whilst  schools do the best job possible, they can't always give students the time they need due to the sheer volume of students.

Parents often ask my what the difference is between my role as a Student Pathway Coach and a Careers Counsellor at school. My answer is that we fulfil different roles, but they are complimentary. I have a different skills-set and come from a background as a Career Consultant, Life Coach and Performance Coach. Subsequently, I have the experience and expertise to help students find direction and share the skills required to help them succeed and thrive in all areas of their life.  School Careeers Cousellors offer the guidance and information for a student about the various pathways and courses on offer at school and in higher education.

In my private consultations, it is such great opportunity to get to know students individually and to build a relationship with parents in a relaxed environment away from 'school life'. I like to think I'm about 'championing' students by giving them 'Clarity' and 'Direction' and a boost to their 'confidence' when they need it the most.  

Below are details of my private coaching programs which are based from my lovely offices in Attadale. Please click on links below for further information about how I can help your son or daughter go beyond surviving to 'thriving'! 

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