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'The Edge FACTOR'

Helping students fulfil their Performance Potential

Performing Arts Students often experience an emotional roller-coaster during their time at school or college. Experiencing the highs and inevitable lows can take its toil, not only on their 'self-belief,' but also on their ability to bounce back quickly when it is most needed. Their journey however, may well be different if students were able to harness the key skills to manage their own emotional state and create their most effective headspace for rehearsals, auditions and performances. 

The Edge FACTOR process is a six-step process which introduces students to a powerful technique which they can adapt and use in their specific performance areas. This technique is specifically designed to help students :-

  • Transform nerves into a source of power
  • Create their unique 'Power State'
  • Get into their 'flow-zone' before a performance
  • Manage their thought process and go beyond their limitations
  • Identify and overcome 'personal barriers'
  • Use their mind/body connection to enhance their most effective mental state

What Performing Arts Students say about these Workshops:-

"The Workshop with Karen was one of the most inspiring, motivating and enlightening  things I've done at WAAPA. It gave me the tools to live a life that is present and motivated, and as a performer it revealed clarity around why I'm in this industry and how to achieve happiness in it every day. Thank you so much for an incredible morning that has paved a really exciting path for me."  (Jens Radda Music Theatre WAAPA Graduate)

'This workshop has helped empower me to looked after my mental wellbeing in what can be a stressful and pressured environment.  I feel empowered and have the tools to know 'how to' be in the best frame of mind before a performance and leave my 'mind monkeys' at the door (Miranda Aitken  Actor WAAPA Graduate)

"What a great way to empower performers in their own journey instead of needing external validation all the time. Thank you so much for a wonderful session, I just love this work so much and how you teach it' (Annalise Apps Actor & WAAPA Graduate)

"With a high pressure, high scrutiny career path, this helps take the guesswork out and instills a deep sense of confidence" (Angus McLaren Actor & WAAPA Graduate )

" Such a fantastic time, and so incredibly useful for performers and all people. Such a lovely, warm and inspiring woman. Would have been really useful of all those years throughout drama school and university" (Embla Bishop Music Theatre WAAPA Graduate)

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