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'Our task is to educate each students' whole being so they can face the future. We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it'.  (Ken Robinson, internationally renowned Educator and best-selling Author) 

In today's fast-changing world, I believe it's of paramount importance for young people to develop a strong sense of personal identity before then they enter the big wide world. With so many decisions to make at a young age, life can be challenging and highly stressful.

Academic achievement is only one benchmark for success in life, and things change fast. How can we best prepare students for the roller coaster of life? Life and career pathways are no longer a straight line. Without understanding their identity and what makes them unique, it is all to easy for students to lose their way.

Current figures from the latest  'Federation of Young Australians' report show Gen-Z'er's are likely to change careers as least six to ten times in thier life-time. They seek 'job satisfaction' over financial gain and want to fulfil their innate potential in any area they choose to develop their skills and talents.

My Programs are designed to help 'bridge the gap' between school and life after year 12. Helping students build a strong foundation of confidence, self-awareness and resiliency to deal effectively with the 'challenge of change', are at heart of all my Coaching Programs, Talks and Presentations.

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Karen Claridge of The Edge Coaching Academy

About Karen Claridge

Internationally Accredited N.L.P Master Life Coach / Career Consultant/ Presenter

Karen has over thirty years of experience and expertise in the field of Personal and Professional Development in both Europe and Australia.

Her great passion is to share the latest skills, tools and ways of thinking with students which empowers them to thrive and succeed in their individual journeys from school to the new-style workforce.     

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